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Welcome to GNDSadie.com!

Welcome to GND Sadie!

I have my own style and it's awesomeMy name is Sadie and this is my new extra cool website! I just turned 18 and I'm the first alt girl next door in the GND Network.

I have three lip piercings, I dye my hair whatever color I feel like, whenever I feel like it!

members get to see more of me!All the photos you're going to see inside my website, I photographed myself. I've always been a little different, I'm laid back and easy going I guess. I don't get caught up in the junk that most people seem to get worked up over. Life is so easy if you just stop stressing and LIVE, ya know?

I bet you'd like to see what's behind the skateboard huh?I don't believe in being a sheep. I do what I want, when I want. I could kick your ass, I know this much. LMAO! Just kidding, I'm a sweetie!

I love showing off and I guess I've always been a little bit of an exhibitionist so this site is a good fit for me.

I am pretty sure if you sign up and chat with me, you'll like me. I've easy going and I don't really have enemies that I'm aware of. I pretty much get along with everyone. Well, except spiders. They suck! ^_^

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